Nick Howell

Testimonial (L) 3 years old.

  When I close my eyes I see all kind of colours. You can compare it with a rainbow. Most of the time I experience the colours very intense. I don’t like to stop when I meditate. Some examples of colours which I see are red and white. I have also seen yellow, magenta and orange. At the moment I… Read more →

Testimonial ( D) 7 years old.

  I meditate since a few months. I mainly see Light, but do not hear much Sound. Several of my friends do hear the Light and Sound. I do see Light, but I am also analysing the Light. So sometimes I have some amazing stories. 😉 The last three weeks I meditate on three main inner colours: yellow, magenta and… Read more →

Testimonial (R) 15 years old.

  A few years ago we did some meditation at home. I found myself comfortable with that. Last year I started to meditate again. During one meditation I started to see the Light and hear the Sound, a groundtone. When I was younger I was triggered by two symbols: (1) the Infinity symbol and (2) the Yin Yang symbol. At… Read more →

Rumi and Hafez

  The Persian mystics and poets Rumi and Hafez have written some truly inspirational verses. We have included them in this website as a source of inspiration and wisdom for the True Seeker.   Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation. The inspiration you seek is already within you. Be silent and listen. Always remember you… Read more →

Testimonial (M.M.)

  I have meditated for many years and practice yoga every day as I am a yoga teacher. I have also left my body and travelled into consciousness (well that’s what I am calling it) where there was literally nothing but light and pure peace. No edges or shapes it’s really hard to explain. However I am not sure what… Read more →

Testimonial (J.M.)

  I’ve had several awakenings although the permanent ‘shift’ has yet to happen. I’d always been what the doctors called ‘depressed’, from my earliest childhood. It was only much later that I realised that what I was feeling was longing. I did what most people do; doctors, psychiatrists, medications, etc. Nothing worked. I believed that if I could become a… Read more →

Rate of Progression

  In the past it would take a lifetime of commitment to make real Spiritual progress. It would also require withdrawing from society and living a very pure ascetic existence. These days we understand that Spiritual Energy on the Planet is at an unprecedented high level which is enabling people to make incredible Expansions of Consciousness. Some occur through the… Read more →

Testimonial (E.C.)

  Since I was very little I always felt that there was something else and I was sure that at some point I would understand it better. One day I was watching TV and a person came out talking about Kabbalah, I didn’t listen much but something told me to look for something close to this. I went to a… Read more →

Testimonial (E.P.C.)

  I was initiated in Kriya yoga over 25 years ago by a Master disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda and my 3rd eye has brought me to many amazing worlds. Focusing inward after opening my 3rd eye I continue to chant softly inwardly and watch as the inner darkness starts to slowly shimmer with scattered light that then merged into two… Read more →