When people write about their Awakening experiences and expanded States of Consciousness they are bound to fail as words alone cannot possibly convey the Beauty and Magnitude of the Spiritual Realms. However, in order to inspire others, we thank you for trying!

Testimonial (S.S.)

  I definitely wish to seek the light and sound initiation as I believe it will help me expand further so that I may help others. I have been experiencing expansion of being with lots of energy in the crown chakra. I’ve experienced the pinpoints of light and beautiful colorful geometric patterns with eyes closed and “hearing” tones. I had… Read more →

Testimonial (D.B.)

  My initial awakening happened over several days so I am just going to summarize it for now. I tried to keep a journal but things were so intense that I was overwhelmed and some events are now blurry. I will try to write it again later for you to publish when I can access my diary and thoughts better.… Read more →

Testimonial (T.R.)

  So, based on what I read on the web pages, I plunged into meditation on the inner sound today. I have decided to give it the time it appears to require–this means going from my usual 20-30 minute meditation periods to much longer periods. It is much easier for me to hear the unstruck sound than to “see” inner… Read more →

Testimonial (O.J.)

  When I was a child I could hear high pitched sounds. Sometimes, when I lay in bed they would take the form of musical instruments. My parents used to tell me that it was just my imagination. As I grew the sounds began to fade. However, in my late teens I had an expansion of consciousness in which I… Read more →

Testimonial (M.Z.)

  A vivid experience of Time and Space Some years ago I was deeply involved in Past Life Regressions and Out of Body Experiences (or what some call Astral Travelling). Anyway after several years of research and practise I was getting pretty familiar with other realms or dimensions and the ability to travel to all sorts of places and meet… Read more →

Testimonial (P.B.)

  On a warm June day in 1972 I had a temporary but very deep realization of the existence of God. It was an extremely profound experience, which I still remember vividly to this day. It occurred gradually over a period of a few hours in the early afternoon, for the first time in my life, I was free, I… Read more →

Testimonial (N.H.)

  I remember it was a beautiful spring afternoon and I was alone, driving in my car. I was on my way home, listening to music and feeling very content and happy. My wife and I had recently joined a Meditation group which taught Light and Sound. The Teachers talked about an amazing Journey culminating in Enlightenment. We were both… Read more →

Testimonial (A.N.)

  “Long before enlightenment you can have a sense of non-doing, of not being the doer of doing, the actor who acts. It happened to me 30 years ago. In this state every little ordinary act, no matter how menial, can cause a thrill of bliss. It comes with a feeling of non-resistance to actions, and it is that which… Read more →