Testimonial (E.P.C.)

I was initiated in Kriya yoga over 25 years ago by a Master disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda and my 3rd eye has brought me to many amazing worlds.

Focusing inward after opening my 3rd eye I continue to chant softly inwardly and watch as the inner darkness starts to slowly shimmer with scattered light that then merged into two orbs of light like twin crescent moons.

The light is very bright yet soft and calming to my inner vision. The twin crescents then merge into a bright oval light with a black hole in the middle which has a red symbol in the middle that moves around inside the black hole until the entire vision blazes into incredibly beautiful shades of an ocean blue mandala with intricate symbols and formulas around its outer edges.

While continuing to just witness with no thoughts one goes beyond this vision into further complex shapes and structures that all have a sense of intelligent design to them and the colors are like looking inward through the most beautiful kaleidoscope of every color that exists.
Exotic formulas download into my consciousness faster than I can comprehend and beautiful fractals appear continually across my inner vision.

I hear whooshing sounds and then just the Voice of the Silence and complete Blissful Peace.

After minutes, hours and sometimes days I return to ego consciousness and feel calm and peaceful and carry this feeling of compassion and kindness throughout my day.