Esoteric Tarot

Please note: what we are unfolding here is not meant to be definitive; it merely represents a way of interpreting an ancient mystery that a number of you may find of interest. We are deliberately avoiding any reference to using the Tarot as a means of divination as we do not see it as important or relevant to this particular study.

The Overview

The main purpose of this course is to encourage the Meditator to use their intuition. Although a number of you will approach the Tarot with prior Esoteric Knowledge many of you may not have encountered such disciplines. This is absolutely fine and in some ways preferable.

All you need is a little guidance as to the general structure of the exercise; you will then be able to study the cards and see what they mean to you. It is an excellent idea to do this as a group allowing each person to put forward their own interpretations.

If you have previously studied Esoteric subjects then you will be able to offer the more classic meanings of the cards and teach others in the group some of the Knowledge that was so carefully guarded by the ancient Mystery Schools.

The course provides a simple framework to develop insights into the Esoteric meanings behind the Tarot. Also through the use of intuition to decipher the various Keys of Wisdom that are hidden within each of the cards.

We have chosen a very special Tarot that was compiled by Paul Foster Case and will deal exclusively with the Major Arcana (22 cards) as they pertain to the Spiritual Path of Light and Sound and the 3 Initiations.

As with all Mystery Schools there was always an attempt to hide the Knowledge as the members felt they were the elite and of course the chosen ones. Although it shows that they respected the information they had received it also shows that they didn’t want to serve the Higher Cause by making it available to the masses.

We would urge you to do the opposite…share this with all around you and show that this Path has been here before. As the teachings of the Spiritual Hierarchy clearly state all manifestations are demonstrated in a spiral nature…repeating but never quite the same.

If you look at the accompanying photographs, the first shows The World and The Fool. These represent the beginning and end of the Journey. The second photograph is arranged in 3 rows to depict the Initiations and lessons to be learnt along the Path. We are going to look at the images in a unique way. The whole purpose of the pictures is to tell a story – that of the Enlightenment of a Human Being by means of a Spiritual Journey.

In this interpretation the Fool represents the fully Enlightened Adept that has the Power to Initiate those around them and to give Spiritual teachings from the Knowledge and Wisdom they have acquired from their own Journey.

This Journey starts, paradoxically, at the end of the cards at number 21 and the Aspirant walks the Path numerically in reverse from 21 to 0 attaining Initiations and encountering relevant lessons on the way. Note: being taught does not necessarily mean learning; that requires a desire, humility and openness.

The cards in the top row depict the finding of a True Spiritual Path and First Initiation. The cards in the middle row depict the Second Initiation and the bottom row Enlightenment. You will see that the Enlightened person needs to continue to learn before they can be considered to be a true Adept.

First Initiation

As mentioned previously the Tarot is full of symbolism and Occult Knowledge. Rather than simply trot out the standard interpretations we feel that a personal study with the minimum of guidance would be more beneficial.

The Journey starts in THE WORLD; this is where you find yourself before Initiation. Try and remember how you felt about your life and the influences you were subjected to. You probably remember feeling that something was missing in your life. It is at this point you seek a Spiritual Path.

It is important that you find a True Light and Sound Path; this requires JUDGEMENT and of course an Initiation which will reveal the Spiritual Energies.

Having been Initiated you can begin to learn from your new perspective:

The Wonder, Beauty and Knowledge that is revealed in Meditation ; THE SUN.


The illusions that are now perceived in the physical dimensions; THE MOON.

The balancing of emotions; Initiation can be quite a shock to the system and may need time for them to settle down; THE STAR.

Addressing old ideas and beliefs; being Conscious of the Spiritual Realm invariable will challenge much of what we thought was the Truth; THE TOWER.


Overcoming the attachment to the material things in life and seeing them as transitory and an illusion; THE DEVIL.

What is written above is just a rough guide to get you started. Look at everything in the cards, the symbols, the shapes, the colours, numerical values, the Hebrew letters etc.

Another approach is to use the 7 Keys of Wisdom: (C.A.P.S.A.N.G.)

Second Initiation

On learning the lessons of First initiation you arrive at TEMPERANCE which represents balance and harmony.

The Second Initiation is depicted by DEATH as the seeker transcends their own mind and realizes that they still exist. Death is therefore known as an illusion.


The lessons of Second Initiation then start to unfold. The HANGED MAN showing that the Truth is often the exact opposite of the teaching you receive in the World. For example you are taught that light and sound are external Energies whereas in fact they are within us!

JUSTICE is all about coming to terms with the unfairness that affects the lives of people around us.

the WHEEL of FORTUNE is the lesson of Karma; something that you need to address but have to accept you can never really understand it fully due to its incredible complexity.


The HERMIT represents the realization that although you are helped along the Way, essentially you walk the Spiritual Path alone.

Real STRENGTH is always demonstrated by gentleness not by aggression.


On learning the lessons of Second Initiation you will arrive at the CHARIOT which symbolizes great balance and stability.


You can then attain Enlightenment through the Grace of the Spiritual Hierarchy depicted by THE LOVERS who represent the opposites coming together as One.

Even though you may have reached Liberation you need to prepare yourself carefully to become the Adept. There are still many lessons to be learned.

Your first task is to decide what you want to teach as reflected in the HIEROPHANT. All Adepts will teach in their own unique way; there is no fixed doctrine.

Next, as you still occupy a Human body, you will need to come to terms with your masculine side in the EMPEROR.


And of course your feminine side in the EMPRESS. Through Meditation and by taking note of everything that presents itself at a worldly level, you will be able to demonstrate Wisdom as the HIGH PRIESTESS.

When you have acquired all the ‘tools of your trade’ you can begin Initiating as THE MAGICIAN.


Finally you will emerge as the well-rounded Adept in THE FOOL. You can then wander freely around the World, teaching and demonstrating Love and Compassion wherever you go. If you wish you can also reveal the Light and Sound Energies and show people the Way.

I realized most of what I have written is highly idealized and harkens back to days when Spiritual growth was rare. At the present time Meditators are hurtling through the Path at enormous speed. They have to learn many of the above lessons retrospectively. However, we are told that the Hierarchy are helping our Initiates develop not just Spiritually but also their lower vehicles.