Heavenly Communications

More Messages will appear here as we (hopefully) receive further Transmissions.

6th April 2020

Hello everyone – this is (J).

I would like to say how important it is to send your Love and Care to the World right now! Please do this throughout the day, not just during your Meditation sessions.

The more the Meditators of Light and Sound send their Love, the quicker the virus will go. This is because this Energy is very powerful, more powerful than any other Meditators in the World.

Do this, the World needs you right now!

I need to say more later, but this is the most important. I think you are feeling that the Spiritual Hierarchy are now making your Meditations very strong. Use this Energy to help the World, not only to take away the virus but to become more Loving and Giving.


4th March 2020

This is (J).
I’d like to say how wonderful that you are all together and speaking about the things that really matter. The worldly things come and go but this is permanent. Once you have the Light and Sound it never goes away. If you embrace it, your life can be so simple. There is nothing that matters more.

We see people worrying and caring for this and that. Then these cares go away only to be replaced by other cares.

The Light and Sound, used as a tool can help you to rise above all these things so there can be more acceptance and tolerance .


2nd March 2020

I wanted to talk to you about being in the “Heaven World”. Nothing could have prepared me for the immense Joy and Peace here.

I can see clearly so much more now. Without the hindrance of a physical body I have no restrictions – I know that is hard to imagine.


25th February 2020

If people are not Initiated and haven’t had any Spiritual yearning they will not go further in the Heaven World than what might be called the type of existence they had on Earth. For example, if they were into learning they would continue that in the ‘Heaven World’ – Learning things that they were drawn to or had an interest in.

Each Soul has its own agenda and incarnates to fulfil that agenda but also to maybe have the opportunity to be Spiritually elevated. If they are lucky enough to find a Spiritual Path they should take the opportunity as that is the goal of every Soul, to eventually find their True Nature, which shows them that they are God in Essence.

Then, not only do they experience Freedom on Earth, but also in the Heaven Existence.

How great is that!


24th February 2020

You are asking about people who ascend to the ‘Heaven Existence’ who are not Spiritually elevated and those who are.

Although my time here is relatively short it seems that because of my State of Enlightenment I am able to travel far into the Spiritual Realms quite easily and have access to much Knowledge. If someone dies without having access to the Light and Sound they don’t have that Freedom. Sometimes they stay absorbed with the family they have left behind or an aspect of that life for a long time.

Imagine that, you have Freedom in the life you are living now, you have transcended the physical/emotions and your mind already and moved to the Higher Dimensions already while still in a physical body.

If you are not Initiated or Awakened in some Spiritual way you need to do that when you pass over, but there are limits to how far you can go.


23rd February 2020

This is from (J).

Life is very simple, although mostly it is made complicated by people wanting more than they need. That includes everything from knowledge, possessions and self worth.

At birth people have their own special gifts and identities which should be nurtured like a plant to grow strong and to be able to cope with life’s ups and downs.

You have all you need inside, nurture what you have been given.


22nd February 2020

Just as on Earth I was (J) the brother, the son, the father, the friend and the Teacher, in this World I am many things too.

My Mission has always been to give of myself in many ways, to reach out to more and more people. This has not changed.

You will see my words showing different reflections of my Beautiful, all Loving, all Inclusive Existence.


20th February 2020*

If you want to come to me, there is nothing that holds you back but your mind, come and enter this space where everything is, simply is.
In this space without time, there is no past, no present, no future. You float in outer space and you can travel many places in fractions of a second.

You are so fragile and yet so powerful.
You are at a point of volatile and magical light, where you manage to understand many things, which you didn’t understand before.
Here everything is beauty and fulfilment, harmony and love.

Come, I see you within, come, it’s an eternal invitation. Go within where everything simply is.

Come to this space, where we unite in one heart, here there are no hands, here there are souls that unite and dance in unison, dance to the rhythm of the universe.

Here it is all beautiful and blissful.

Meditation and silence is our means of communication, silence and nothingness is our language.

I am (J) from within, from the Universe. We are not separated, we are more united than ever.

I Love you, I Love you, we Love each other Infinitely !!!


20th February 2020

I have been finding out about my life on Earth this time. It’s very interesting to review your life and see the patterns that happen time and time again, in relationships and the way you think and behave.

It’s when you start to Meditate that things can change – you can see what life is really about. Things become clearer in the Stillness and Beauty of Meditation and it’s so much easier to change the patterns that are causing you pain.


19th February 2020

Things are changing with me now. Again, it’s hard to explain, but I am meeting many Souls who have recently passed.

They all have their story, mostly about missing opportunities. They talk about having what they consider to be good lives, but they focus on those times when they missed doing things because of fear, guilt or just laziness.

It seems that people are given opportunities to learn, grow, Love and serve every day. But, because of their habits they don’t realize the importance of changing their ideas.

Life is for living, not being stuck in the same patterns and ways of doing things.


18th February 2020

Please don’t be sad at my passing. Be happy that my pain and suffering is no more. It was hard to communicate in my last days and it’s so good to have my voice back again.

I owe so much to my family and friends who cared for me.

There is much that I could say about that but for now it’s important to focus on the Spiritual side. On Earth I wished to be able to stay longer to continue my Mission but I’m being made to see that it was time for me to go. There are many wonderful people out there who are spreading the Lightwave which makes me very happy.

Please continue because people are more and more wanting to find the Peace and Stillness inside.


17th February 2020

I can stay here to talk to you for a while yet, then I will have to leave. There are rules here, even for Adepts! But this is good, because I will need to start my work here.

I want to stay and give you an insight that people want, as I know it is what they are interested in. But, my main message today is: Don’t worry too much about your death and what happens to you. It is your LIFE that you should be concerned with.

Do as much as you can to help and give of yourself and to love everyone in spite of who they are. Like I said before it’s not your duty to judge, yourself or others. If you can truly do this then you will be ready to move smoothly into the “Heaven Existence”.

Of course, the Meditation is important too, in order to give yourself the opportunity to become Enlightened – the best gift of all!

Thank you – I have much to say – see you soon.


16th February 2020

Hello – we will make a good team. I know you normally need to Meditate first but because we know each other things are different.

I wish I could explain properly to you what it’s like Here but it is so different you need to experience it. Everyone here is Kind and Loving; perhaps when I have been here longer I will learn how to explain things better.

On Earth the lessons you learn sometimes are subtle, but here it’s wham bam; you know you’re learning, all the lessons are coated with Love! You can’t possibly get upset as you know it’s for your own good.

We judge ourselves too harshly. All is perfect!


15th February 2020

Hey, let’s get going – this is good!

I’m watching and learning here, very different to how I imagined it to be. Everyone is Special here, I mean the Beings who I have met who have died, everyone is Special.

I am very happy all is Bright, very Beautiful and very Loving. I can see without judgement, Everything.

I will speak some more.


14th February 2020

This is the Guide of (J). He is anxious to make contact with you and allay your fears about the current situation. He says, All is well, there is only Love and Love is Victorious. That is all for now but he wants to say more on another occasion. He Loves you very much.