Light and Sound

The Light and Sound we refer to are the Energies that comprise the Spiritual Dimensions. Many people are spontaneously accessing these Energies and experiencing expansions of Consciousness quite naturally.

You may be hearing high pitched sounds and are unsure of their origin. Vast numbers of people around the World are “Waking Up” and simply don’t realize it! They often think they have some sort of physical condition, such as tinnitus. If you are in this category, take a look at the video below; this will help you decide.



Other people are seeing a beautiful Inner Light and think they must be imagining it. Some meditation practices teach techniques which include visualising light. This can lead to confusion as to the true origin of the visions. If you are in this category, take a look at the following video.


Having had an Awakening you may wish to pursue a Spiritual Path by yourself or consider seeking an Initiation into the Light and Sound Energies. There are many traditions of Light and Sound meditation, where an individual devoted a lifetime of devotion to a Master. Total dedication and perseverance were required with no guarantees that the individual would ever attain Enlightenment.

History has many stories which speak of people being Initiated into the Light and Sound. The Baptism of Jesus and the Revelation of Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita are two examples. The Energies are passed from person to person through a simple “Touch.” Our group can offer the same Initiation today to reveal the Light and Sound Energies for those who seek Spiritual Truth.

We understand that the origin of these Energies is in the High Spiritual Dimensions and the Teachers or Masters are simply conduits. By placing their hands on the disciple’s head, a connection is made between the Seeker and the Spiritual Realms.

After this, if the Seeker learns to let go, as in Meditation, they are transported by the Energies and taken on a Journey that culminates in Enlightenment. At this point they transcend all the Light and all the Sound and merge with the Oneness!


The Journey, these days can be short, taking only a few months. The time depends on many factors, but the desire for Truth and being able to Meditate properly are the most important. As with all endeavours, success comes to those that put in the effort and have the right attitude; in this case openness and devotion are the key.

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