Spiritual Hierarchy

Throughout the ages, this Planet has seen many great Spiritual Teachers who have spoken about universal Truths or else deeper realities that exist beyond our own but appear to be hidden from us.

Some are Spiritual Masters or else Gurus who offer a Spiritual Path to higher States of Consciousness. Equally, some are Spiritualists, those who believe in a continued future existence of the Soul.

We understand that sat behind all these great Teachers is an Intelligence that we refer to as the Spiritual Hierarchy. The term was first used by the Theosophists at the end of the 19th century. People around the World may have other names such as Angels, Guides and Light Beings. What really matters is that this Intelligence exists and communicates with us.

The Hierarchy, we are told, is comprised of innumerable Beings that inhabit the High Spiritual Planes. At this time, They have guided many people and groups, so that this Planet may survive the turmoil and destruction that it is being subjected to.

This website and others have been created to serve this purpose. Our main aim to to help people “Wake Up” and realize that there is far more to them than their physical existence. The more people that do this, the more chance that this beautiful place we call Earth, will endure and change for the better.



If people knew of the Beauty, Love and Freedom that comes with Enlightenment then their attitudes towards their fellow man would surely change for the better. Also, by seeing the “Bigger Picture” they would naturally want to take more care of their environment.

Anything that is written in a Magenta colour on our websites are the exact words that were transmitted by the Spiritual Hierarchy.

This was one of the first Transmissions we received back in 2015.

From where we sit, because of human frailties, it has become necessary to bring down huge amounts of Energy to address the imbalances of your planet. There are many of you already helping in this task. What we are asking is for people to look to their hearts and bring about massive changes by addressing three major issues:


With these three issues uppermost in people’s minds your world will be helped immeasurably.

If you wish to learn about the Spiritual Hierarchy and read more of Their Transmissions you might like to take a look at: www.spiritualhierarchy.com

Also feel free to ask us any questions through the Contact Page.