Testimonial (N.H.)

I remember it was a beautiful spring afternoon and I was alone, driving in my car. I was on my way home, listening to music and feeling very content and happy.

My wife and I had recently joined a Meditation group which taught Light and Sound. The Teachers talked about an amazing Journey culminating in Enlightenment. We were both excited about the turn our lives had taken and were preparing for the Initiation.

As I drove over the top of a hill my whole consciousness and sense of self exploded and became everything I could see. I clearly remember looking at the trees, the road, the other cars, the fields and the sky…each in turn was pulsating with a kind of light that made everything brand new. it that sense there was no difference between any of the objects I gazed at.

I began to laugh to myself because I realized that although I was in a car speeding down the road, I was going nowhere. I was moving but this energy that pervaded all that I was aware of, never moved. And yet paradoxically there was light emanating from all these objects and each one demonstrated, what could best be described as, a heavenly glow.

When I arrived home I remember sitting in the kitchen and just looking at the bricks in the wall with total amazement. It didn’t matter whether I chose to look at a flower or a brick the same energy was there revealing the beauty in everything.

The experience/awakening lasted the rest of the afternoon and evening. This was the proof I needed to realize that there was far more to existence and human consciousness than we are generally led to believe.

By the way, in case you were wondering, I wasn’t on drugs, I have never been tempted!