Testimonial (R.R.)

I had a beautiful awakening to the inner realities of The Universe back in 2012 and experienced altered states of Consciouness and a most magical scene appeared in front of me as this tiny particles started to Vibrate rapidly in the air forming a silver like light creating a cinema effect and had a remote viewing type of vision of the Giza Egyptian pyramids as they were being created. The experience changed my perception on reality and I was able to vibrate at Unconditional Love creating this amazing Oneness with The Universe. My life changed and since I have been a seeker of truths and wonder and keep asking The Universe for guidance as I try and do my best to evolve and become a better version of myself, many challenges have arisen since but I try my best to keep my faith that The Universe and All that Is has my back guiding me intuitevely at each step of the way. I can never thank The Universe of Vibration for the Spiritual blessings I have been given and do my best to meditate and be grateful for this beautiful Spiritual experiences.