We have noticed that, in the last few years, many people around the World are having Spontaneous Awakenings. What is also amazing is the number of children who are reporting to their parents that they can hear the Sound and see the Light. The Sound is usually a low rumbling tone and the Light comprised of many changing shapes and colours.

The children seem to embrace the Energies quite naturally and are excited to share their Experiences. They do so without predudice or analysis and simply observe. Often they are a source of inspiration and Wisdom for their parents who may be struggling with the challenges of Meditation!

If you would like your children to make contact with the Light and Sound, we can help. Simply send us an email and we will explain the procedure. There is no age limit and no meditation requirement. The children with this ability seem to be able to switch easily between their physical existence and the Spiritual Realms.

A beautiful quote (translated from Spanish) from a Colombian mother who revealed the Light and Sound to her 4 year old son:

“Thank you Mummy for showing me Heaven!”