Awakening can take many forms. It can range from feeling slightly disoriented and out of synchronization with your body, to a complete Oneness with the Universe.

People who have Awakenings, typically only experience one in their lifetime. However, others may report a series of Awakenings as if they are part of a Journey.

Curiously, the “trigger” can often be an extreme of emotions or mental thought. Mostly, this tends to be of a negative nature, resulting from feelings of utter despair and deep depression. It is as if a person is taken to an absolute limit and then something “cracks” and they find themselves in an altered state of Consciousness.

This is experienced by the vast majority of people as a massive release, as if they had just broken out of a prison. Occasionally, people report a disorientation and a feeling of disconnection that makes them feel vulnerable. This is generally because they feel out of control and think there is something seriously wrong with them.


On the other hand, the “trigger” may be due to a state of mild euphoria. This can occur, for example, when listening to music, while glancing out of a window in a moving vehicle and when communing with Nature.

Many people consider their experience(s) as being Spiritual and are happy to have had amazing insights into expanded States of Consciousness. This will have happened without the use of drugs, hypnosis or meditation techniques.

By reading books or checking out the internet they find they are not alone and there are many others who have testified to the same experiences and expansions.

The question then arises, will the experiences repeat at some later date leading to even more expansions? Some may even ask, “Am I Enlightened?”

Whatever the case, if you want to share your Awakening(s) with us (in absolute confidence) through the Contact Page, we would be happy to help you understand what has happened to you. Additionally, we can point you in a direction to Expand further, if this is your wish.