Many people who contact us live thousands of kilometres from our Meditation Teachers. Others, having had an Awakening, wish to pursue the Path of Truth by themselves.

We therefore want to support you to give you the best chance of attaining your Goal.

It is amazing that, at this time, so many people are having spontaneous Spiritual Expansions. Some are life changing, while others are more subtle. In all cases the person concerned will have received absolute proof that there is far more to us, as human beings, than we are generally led to believe.

As a result, many people want to repeat their experiences or to pursue a Path that leads to Enlightenment.

We have laid out below a series of suggestions to help you with your Quest.

  • Consider very carefully your health. We are referring to the physical, emotional and mental aspects.
  • Take a look at your diet and try to choose healthy options. There is no need to be extreme but decreasing the amount of animal products might be a good idea.
  • Consider the amount of alcohol you consume and try to reduce it to a sensible level.
  • Recreational drugs will impede natural Awakenings; this includes all forms of cigarettes.



  • Learn to Meditate and create time in your day to practice it on a regular basis.
  • Find somewhere comfortable to do this but also experiment and try different times and locations. Remain relaxed and flexible!
  • Breath Meditation is an excellent way to calm the body. This is recommended to start your sessions.
  • Mantras work well, particularly if you have an active mind. It will give you a mental focus. We would like to offer you TEK RAA SEE. This is a beautiful Mantra which should be said internally with energy and purpose. It should not be synchronised to the breath.


  • If you are able to perceive the Sound Current or the Divine Light then we recommend Meditating on Them.
  • You may want to do some breathing first, followed by the Mantra above, to achieve a degree of stillness.
  • When Meditating on the Light and Sound there is no need to use breathing techniques or the Mantra.
  • Just let your attention gently rest on the Energies as if you were listening to an uplifting piece of music or gazing at a wonderful landscape.
  • Don’t try to make anything happen. These Energies are from the Spiritual Realms and They will “decide” when and where you will make progress along the Journey.
  • If you feel an expansion taking place, don’t try to hang on, just let go. This can require practice and the building of trust.



  • As with any journey you might take, it is a good idea to keep a diary of your experiences and realizations.
  • Keep an eye on the Testimonial Page as it will inspire you and most importantly give you hope.
  • Finally, you can always email us through the Contact Page if you need help and advice regarding your Meditations.


Meditating on the Breath


27th November 2019

Breathing properly is really important to keeping healthy. People generally don’t realise this and breathe with their lungs not expanding enough.

It is imperative to practice conscious breathing on a regular basis, as with the stress of modern living, it’s easy to go back to shallow breathing again which will lead to many health problems.

With this in mind, it’s necessary to build a time of conscious breathing into a Meditation routine. As well as the many health benefits it helps to focus the mind after a busy day before Meditating on the Light and Sound.


Meditating on the Sound Current


The Source of the Sound Current lies in the high Spiritual Realms; consequently It is not heard with physical ears.

Therefore the Meditator should not be trying to listen by focusing in a particular direction. Instead, it is a question of letting the Sound be! It should appear in all directions and you should feel as if you are bathing in it.

As you practice more you will find the apparent size of the Sound bubble will grow and you begin to lose sense of your small self. This may cause fear, as you experience a detachment and loss of control. But don’t worry, this is exactly what is required to undergo any true Spiritual expansion. With time you will learn to have more confidence and be able to let go more easily.

Don’t be too concerned about any physical sounds that you might hear. Obviously a quiet environment will make meditation easier, but don’t be too extreme. Just focus on the Spiritual Sounds and allow the physical sounds to simply be there at the same time.

If you strive for a very quiet environment you will make things more difficult as even small sounds will upset your concentration.

The Sound Current has many forms but is heard by most people as a mix of high frequencies. They will seem to have a mind of their own, coming and going as They please. Sometimes you will sit to Meditate and They will not turn up, don’t worry, just be patient.

When They are present just dissolve into them and be vigilant . Within the high frequencies new Sounds may appear. Some might resemble musical instruments, others the sounds of Nature. It may be worth keeping a diary and record your experiences and realizations.

Remember the Spiritual adage: Be in the World but not of it!


Meditating on the Divine Light


19th November 2019

This is from the Lords of Light.
People may be able to hear the Spiritual Sound quite easily, probably from an early age and they think it is quite normal. Not so with the Light as it does need more concentration by the Meditator.

We have this advice for people trying to contact the Light. It might sound quite straightforward but in reality it does take some practice and sustained concentration.

Sit really comfortable with no distractions with your eyes closed. Focus on the 3rd eye between your eyebrows and keep that going for as long as you can with complete concentration.

Have a break and do some breath meditation for a few minutes, then try again. You may find that there is discomfort round your 3rd eye. If so relax the concentration. As with all things, don’t over do it. Just keep practicing when you can.

You may start to see specks of Light of different colours and intensity. It will gradually stay longer before it fades away, depending on your concentration. Try to be totally neutral as you view this Light and don’t try to visualize anything.

As We said, it does take practice and what is written above is just the beginning – there is so much more…..