Monthly Archives: November 2019

Testimonial (D.B.)

  My initial awakening happened over several days so I am just going to summarize it for now. I tried to keep a journal but things were so intense that I was overwhelmed and some events are now blurry. I will try to write it again later for you to publish when I can access my diary and thoughts better.… Read more →

Testimonial (T.R.)

  So, based on what I read on the web pages, I plunged into meditation on the inner sound today. I have decided to give it the time it appears to require–this means going from my usual 20-30 minute meditation periods to much longer periods. It is much easier for me to hear the unstruck sound than to “see” inner… Read more →

Testimonial (O.J.)

  When I was a child I could hear high pitched sounds. Sometimes, when I lay in bed they would take the form of musical instruments. My parents used to tell me that it was just my imagination. As I grew the sounds began to fade. However, in my late teens I had an expansion of consciousness in which I… Read more →

Testimonial (M.Z.)

  A vivid experience of Time and Space Some years ago I was deeply involved in Past Life Regressions and Out of Body Experiences (or what some call Astral Travelling). Anyway after several years of research and practise I was getting pretty familiar with other realms or dimensions and the ability to travel to all sorts of places and meet… Read more →

Testimonial (P.B.)

  On a warm June day in 1972 I had a temporary but very deep realization of the existence of God. It was an extremely profound experience, which I still remember vividly to this day. It occurred gradually over a period of a few hours in the early afternoon, for the first time in my life, I was free, I… Read more →