Rumi and Hafez

  The Persian mystics and poets Rumi and Hafez have written some truly inspirational verses. We have included them in this website as a source of inspiration and wisdom for the True Seeker.   Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation. The inspiration you seek is already within you. Be silent and listen. Always remember you… Read more →

Rate of Progression

  In the past it would take a lifetime of commitment to make real Spiritual progress. It would also require withdrawing from society and living a very pure ascetic existence. These days we understand that Spiritual Energy on the Planet is at an unprecedented high level which is enabling people to make incredible Expansions of Consciousness. Some occur through the… Read more →

Heavenly Communications

  One of the great Mysteries is what happens to us after we die. We have some evidence from people who have had near death experiences. However, as all these people return it could be argued that this is not conclusive proof of an afterlife. What we need is reliable Communication from someone, who having passed away, has the ability… Read more →

Connection and Oneness

  Spiritual Awakenings generally fall into three categories: Hearing high pitched frequencies, Seeing a beautiful inner Light and feeling a connection with one’s surroundings. The first two are relatively easy to describe and Spiritual books contain many references to these experiences. However, the third category, though profound, is much harder to convey using words. It is perhaps best to attempt… Read more →

This Changes Everything!

  We asked the question, “How can we help people who are thousands of kilometres from our Meditation Teachers?”   1st August 2019 This is from the Lords of Light, in answer to your heartfelt question. We in the Spiritual Realms are watching all the time and nothing goes unnoticed, as we said before. From the beginning of the dawn… Read more →

Are both Enlightenments the same?

  On this website we have looked at two ways of travelling the Spiritual Path. The first is by a person being open and allowing the Energies to expand their Consciousness, spontaneously. The second is through the traditional method of Light and Sound Meditation. This requires an Initiation by someone who has already completed their Journey and attained Enlightenment (sometimes… Read more →