7th March 2024

Dear All

Recently, it has come to our attention that children are Awakening and many are exhibiting psychic powers. We feel that it is our responsibility to reach out to them and their parents to offer advice and guidance.

We realise that these psychic abilities are likely to diminish as the children approach their teenage years and want to offer them the opportunity to explore the Spiritual Realms.

Please take a look at the new website: and share it with Inititiates, friends and family. If you have children/grandchildren make sure you watch the video on the Seeing Blindfolded page.

We are keen to receive Testimonials so do share your findings with me and simply give the age and a single initial of the young person (up to 18).

Love and Light
1st January 2024

Greetings to you all from the Lords of Light.

It is with great pleasure that We come with a New Year Message as 2024 begins.

The New Year heralds New beginnings, each year has its own traumas and highlights, both personal and global.

The Ascension moves now into its next phase, this has been happening for a while, but will be fully recognised as the effects start to show in society.

We have sent many tools to help, guide, heal and teach you. These tools will be very useful, especially in the times ahead, as you face challenges. There are big changes ahead!

As We have said before, don’t hide your Light; if you see people in trouble use your Love and Light to show them the way. If you see people reluctant to change the old ways lead them to see the new. It’s all to do with letting go of all things that are not necessary in today’s society. it’s the age old idea of releasing old established ways of thinking and behaving, and embracing ways that would have appeared radical before. An example of this is to find ways of self healing rather than relying on overstretched professionals, even complimentary medicines!

Believe in the Power of Mantras.
Believe in the Power of healing from other Dimensions.
Believe in the Power of yourself.

The tools referred to include:

● Mantras to explore the Cosmos and make contact with
 Extraterrestrial Intelligences and to raise Kundalini Energy.
● Technologies such as the latest DCT Feedback Machine to
 address health issues and wellbeing.
● Insights into children seeing while blindfolded; these are the
 adults of tomorrow.

Love and Light

17th July 2023

Kundalini Energy

We have been given guidance recently about the use of Kundalini Energy and its health benefits.

The password is: magus
Check out also the 8th and 16th of July for more information.
Love and Light

28th June 2023

New Lightwave Group

One of our core principles is that our Meditation Teachers work autonomously. This is important so that we can diversify and attract a wider range of Seekers.

Kees and Esther are great friends of ours who having attained Enlightenment have set up a new website which promotes a
wide range of Teachings.

Spiritual Guides

In their own words:
New Lightwave is as a website an initiative founded by Esther Hoogervorst-Henkel and Kees Hoogervorst. It is a part of House of Empathy, an organization dedicated to promoting personal growth and spiritual well-being. Esther had carried the idea of House of Empathy for a long time, and when she met Kees, they realized they shared a common vision and passion for spirituality

At New Lightwave, we are dedicated to guiding individuals on their transformative journey towards Enlightenment. Through meditation, Inner Circles, and a profound understanding of the spiritual realm, we empower seekers to awaken their inner wisdom, explore their interconnectedness, and discover their true selves. Join us on this illuminating path of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

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1st May 2023

Extraterrestrial Website

Dear All

Over the last few months a small group of Initiates have been trialling a series of Special Mantras designed to project Meditators into Space and to Communicate with Intelligent Extraterrestrial Beings.

We now have a protocol that we want to share with the general public. All the necessary information together with many testimonials can be found on a new website:

Please pass this on to all Meditators, friends and family – use social media if you can. There is so much speculation and fear surrounding these subjects. It is therefore important at this auspicious time that people from all backgrounds discover the truth for themselves.

22nd April 2023

Transmissions Website

Dear All

Our websites contain many Transmissions that we have received over the years from the Intelligence we refer to as the Spiritual Hierarchy. However they represent the ‘tip of the iceberg!’

We only ever posted a small number for a variety of reasons:

  • To maintain the balance of the website content.
  • To focus on the most important Transmissions.
  • To respect the more personal Messages.

However, from time to time Initiates have asked us to make all the Messages available. We decided that the best way would be to create a completely new website and post the Transmissions in chronological order so they would read like a book.

We also felt that names were unimportant and therefore have simply used initial letters. However, if someone has passed into the Heavenly Realms their Earthly name is used.

To make is easier to navigate, several categories have been added as well as articles to help explain various topics and projects. A Search facility and Translator are also included.

Please understand that some of the content is very personal to the Channeller but we feel it is valuable to record exactly how this Path of Light and Sound came to be and how it became so significant in the Ascension process of this Planet.

The website is:

The password is: magus

At present we are only making the website accessible to Initiates so please do share the details above with your fellow Meditators. In the future, when the time is right, we do intend to make it available to the general public.

Love and Light

1st January 2023

This is the Lords of Light with a Message to you, as the New Year begins.

We are very much aware of the wish of the World’s Meditators, and others for Peace. Also that the World leaders would align with Spiritual values. However, this has to come from the dedicated mass of beautiful Souls across the Globe, tirelessly trying to bring about a Spiritual Revolution.

The unprecedented number of people ‘Waking Up’ is testament to the wonderful Work that has been done thus far.

Every day keep sending Love and Light to the war-torn areas, disaster zones and to people who are abused or oppressed. Also, not forgetting your family and friends who will benefit enormously.

Never underestimate the Power of sending Love, not just when you Meditate, but to the people you come into contact with as you go about your daily affairs. Be vigilant when you see somebody looking sad or ill, send them your Loving Energy to help to lift their spirits. It costs nothing.

Let Love flow freely round the World – dispelling hatred, disharmony and bringing PEACE.

10th November 2022

I am writing to inform you of a Worldwide Meditation that is being organized by the Initiates of Colombia on the 20th of November. You can connect via Zoom or simply synchronise your Meditation to coincide with the event. It starts at 15:00 G.M.T. and lasts around 2 hours.

The link is:
The Pass Code is: 1234

The Program

(Colombia Time)

10:00  Start
10:05  Welcome by Wilson Leon
10:10  Benefits of Meditation by Clara Villabona
10:20  Breathing by Elizabeth Wittingham
10:40  Relaxation and Mantra by César Hernandez
11:00  Sending of Grace by César Hernandez
11:05  Meditation in Light and Sound by Patricia Leon
11:25  Sending Energy to the Planet by Paula Malambo
11:40  Motivational message by César Hernandez.

28th July 2022

We are asking if You could give us some Esoteric reasons why it is that we should send Love and Light to the Planet. We understand it from a basic point of view.

This is the Lords of Light

It is a very important question and will be answered fully.

When a person is Initiated into the Light and Sound a set of Connections are made. You have all the tools necessary to go on the amazing Journey, through perseverance, to reach what is sometimes called the Source of Creation or God Realization.
Another very important Connection is made – with all the Initiates in the World, most of whom are unknown to them.
To strengthen that Connection we ask that Initiates meditate together at certain times, which gives a sense of solidarity and strength of purpose.
The most important Connection is the sending of Love and Light which is paramount to the mission of raising the consciousness of the Planet. There are enough Initiates now who are sending this Energy at all times, so now the Earth is enveloped with the Immense Power.
Think of the Layers of Love and Light surrounding the Planet as protection – a bit like the ozone layer.
The Love and Light is being replenished all the time by Initiates – it filters down, Lighting up the darkness and replacing hate with Love.
Now you see how crucial it is to have a constant supply.
Please keep sending!

12th June 2022

Important Message


We asked recently about the growth of Spirituality around the world at this time.

By sending Love and Light to the Planet every day you are “Waking Up” people who are open to it.
There are a massive amount of people more interested in Spirituality now than before because of the “Critical Mass” being reached.

We know this is the case because most of the people that contact us have already had some form of Awakening. Additionally, large numbers of children are now in contact with the Light and Sound.
See Testimonials on the Awakening website.

Please continue to send Love and Light to our beautiful Planet and pass this message on to as many Meditators as possible. It would be a good idea to do this during the first 5 minutes of your practice.

Simply sit with your palms open and facing upwards. Then either visualize or have the intention of Love and Light Energies flowing through you.


10th May 2022

When this New Path started back in 2015 it was considered that only adults should receive the Initiation. There were a few exceptions but they tended to be special cases that involved children that showed great maturity.

However, things have changed since those early days. After the “critical mass” was reached in early 2020 people all around the World started to “Wake Up” spontaneously and this included many children!

It seems that children are more sensitive than adults to the Spiritual Energies – especially the Sound.

We therefore thought we should ask the Spiritual Hierarchy for a protocol to enable parents to Initiate their own children:

Please may we respectfully ask whether parents (Initiates) could Transfer Light and Sound Energies to their children? If so would they need a further Initiation by an Adept in order to attain Enlightenment?

This is the Lords of Light.
It seems a good plan for parents/relatives and children. If you were Initiating a class of children, which will happen in the future, then it would have to be by Remote, by the person sitting at the front rather than individually.

When it comes to giving them further Energy for Enlightenment, then it really does depend on the quality of the Meditator, i.e. whether they can let go. These days they could do it on their own!

Should this be conducted with the parent working closely with someone who is Enlightened?

This is the Lords of Light in answer to your question.
Yes, you would need an Enlightened person to oversee the Initiation of a child, to make sure that the “Gift” is given all possible reverence, in the circumstances.

Could the Initiation be done using just the Light Technique to keep things as simple as possible?

Yes, it is not necessary to do the Sound Technique on children. It is enough to give them the Energy for the Light only – they then get the Connection with Us that way.

Please inform as many Initiates as possible about this wonderful New Gift and explain that they will need to contact an Adept if they wish to Initiate their children.

21st March 2022

From the Lords of Light.

When a dictator sends his troops to war he hopes that other countries will get desensitised towards the conflict – that is what happens. People can only concentrate for a short while on issues, even devastating ones.

It is a terrible thing that is happening, but wars have been going on for thousands of years. It is just that it is close to home now. There are many agendas surrounding what is happening and nothing is as it seems.

The one thing you can do is to send your Love and Compassion every day, not just to the Ukraine but the whole World – trying to raise its consciousness from the ground level. If this is done seriously by all Meditators around the World collectively, much can be achieved and is being achieved right now!

Keep doing it, as each of you sending Light and Love with real intent makes a difference. Because of the recent events more people are joining in to do this. Do it all together and you will see the real Power of Love.


16th February 2022

The Big Picture

The title of our website suggests that we are a Meditation Group. This of course is true, but it is interesting to note that the first Communications from the Spiritual Hierarchy, at the end of 2014, were exclusively about new forms of Energy and the Cosmos.

We were guided to produce elegant machines using a double coil technology that could be demonstrated to alter human consciousness. Additionally, information was imparted, using the language of mathematics, which showed amazing connections between our Planet and distant Star systems and Galaxies.

It was then in February of 2015 the Path of Light and Sound was launched, together with a new Lightwave. This, we were told, was to facilitate the Initiations and to guide people on their Spiritual Journeys, potentially culminating in Enlightenment. In the summer of 2016 a target of 75,000 Initiations was set, in order to achieve a “critical mass.” This was attained and surpassed in early 2020, which curiously coincided with the beginning of Covid! As it became virtually impossible for our Teachers to travel we were given the ability to Initiate Seekers remotely. This has now become the preferred way to Connect Meditators to the Light and Sound.

Reaching our Goal coincided with vast numbers of people around the World having Spontaneous Awakenings; many of whom were not meditators or even, at the time, interested in Spirituality. It was as if a Wave of Potential was sweeping across the Planet and giving wonderful Experiences and Insights to those people who were sensitive enough to receive them. What we also noticed was that youngsters were often more open to these Energies than their parents.

During this time we returned to the Connections project – between us and specific points in the Cosmos and a number of Meditators were Guided to some of these distant locations. The purpose seemed to be twofold. Firstly, to set up Energetic links to help harmonise and bring about balance to our fragile and ailing Planet. Secondly, to give us incredible insights as to the future of mankind, assuming we survive the challenges that lie ahead! These include space travel without the need for rockets, revolutionary ways of working with Nature and the ability to tap into Higher Dimensions for our energy requirements.

Before this can happen we need to dramatically change our relationship with Mother Earth and learn to respect each other far more. It is good to reflect on the early Teachings that spoke of Acceptance, Love and Forgiveness.

These days (2022), we are witnessing large-scale Energetic Impulses resulting in greater numbers of Awakenings and positive changes in our relationship with the Natural World. We have all been born at an amazing time to witness this Spiritual Revolution.
6th February 2022

This is the Lords of Light.

It has been stated many times the Nature of all things is cyclic, meaning that there are time periods for all Earthly and Cosmological occurrences.

The last seven years of “Lightwave Energy” has given countless individuals True meaning to their lives. Many people have Awakened Spiritually during this time have also been guided to make Connections to heal the Earth. Esoterically speaking, the cyclic Nature which governs all things, comes in sets of sevens.

This is an auspicious time, on all levels, that is being witnessed right now and in the coming months!


27th November 2021


As human beings we consider that we are conscious. Our consciousness depends on the input from our five senses, our emotions and thoughts. We can clearly see that animals are also conscious by the way they react to environmental stimuli.

Science though might draw the line when considering the plant kingdom. Plants too react to their surroundings but is that the same as being conscious? If we take a further step and look at the mineral kingdom the obvious conclusion would be that it is impossible for inanimate objects such as crystals and rocks to be conscious.

However, our conclusions are likely to be based on the assumption that plants and inanimate objects don’t have the faculties/senses we have. This is undoubtedly true but it doesn’t rule out the possibility of a different kind of awareness or consciousness.

Forces such as gravity and electromagnetism act between objects, which is a form of communication, even at great distances. Recently it has been found that trees can communicate by using their roots and a network of underground fungi. The latest theories about atoms suggest that they also seem to be able to influence each other using mechanisms we have yet to understand.

Let us take a bold step and suggest that if an entity or object can be influenced and reacts to external stimuli then in some way it is conscious.

From an esoteric point of view Consciousness might be understood as the mechanism by which God is aware of God. As human beings we are well equipped to be aware of our immediate environment. We also have the ability to contemplate the relationship between what we consider ourselves to be and our place in the universe.

When we start Meditating on Light and Sound we soon realize that we are more than we thought we were. The Spiritual Journey is an expansion of Consciousness which ultimately leads to Enlightenment.

Strangely, there is no Consciousness of any thing in the Enlightened State as that would require separation!

12th November 2021

You are asking about consciousness.

This is a very good question. It is all to do with how humans relate to their surroundings. Some people would live their lives completely instinctively and all they are conscious of is set of patterns that they live by. You could say that they are ruled by them and they would feel uncomfortable if challenged, they are “safe” within their limits.

There are others, however, who challenge. the limits society imposes on them and “break out” of the mould. They have their own ideas of how they should live their lives and so their consciousness expands accordingly. This is a very simplistic picture of quite a complicated issue. Each person is an individual who expands their consciousness in different ways, but it helps to understand human kind as those who accept the status quo and those who do not.

Now we have reached the interesting part…….

In the practice of Meditation it is possible to Be Conscious without being conscious of external stimuli. This happens when a person becomes at one with what they are Meditating on.

It is a hard concept for anyone to understand if they have not experienced this. How can it be possible to be totally aware, and yet there is no thing to be aware of!

But more and more people are Experiencing this outside of Meditation. Each time it happens their Consciousness expands Spiritually and their Knowledge of the Higher Realms increases. It is like breaking through a veil which they don’t know is there.

This can happen to anyone at any time, even to people who are not normally interested in being taken out of their comfort zone. It is awe inspiring and can be life changing – miraculously people can see the World completely differently and want to explore this new Knowledge.

Life on Earth has infinite possibilities. A person’s Consciousness can expand Spiritually to the Ultimate Expansion, when it is possible to Realize that there is only one Consciousness – Them!

Liberation occurs when Consciousness becomes Conscious of itself.

6th November 2021


All Meditators in our group are given the Mantra DXXX RXX SXXX just before they receive the Initiation.

This is a very special Mantra and has many wonderful uses:

We recommend each Meditation starts with a few minutes breathing to relax the body. Following this the Mantra should be repeated to help distance the Meditator from the thoughts of the day and become mentally more still and focused.

It is easy to get caught up and stressed by the demands of modern life. By saying the Mantra, from time to time, during the day it helps stay “Connected” and easier to access the Light and Sound during evening Meditation sessions.

Occasionally a person might become apprehensive or fearful during Meditation. This generally happens during times when they are making rapid progress along the Path. It may generate a sense of losing control as they are expanding into Higher Realms of Consciousness. The best advice is just go with it and trust the Energies. However, a Meditator may prefer to “put the brakes on”, which can be accomplished by simply saying the Mantra.

From the Lords of initiation:

The Mantra given at the Initiation is an integral part of the process. It is used to unlock the potential for the aspirant to Ascend Spiritually into the Higher Realms. Often when the Mantra is repeated before the Initiation the Seeker is able to access the Spiritual Regions.

After the initiation it should be used at the beginning of each Meditation session to focus the Meditator. Meditation on the Light and Sound is a gift which should not be taken lightly. Saying the Mantra will help the Meditator to make the most of their sessions.

26th October 2021

Other Groups – Other Teachings

We are often asked questions about other groups and teachings. Often they have similarities to our own but together with obvious differences. It is intriguing to realize that Intelligence is being communicated to many open and sensitive people, all over the World, at this time.

The problem is that the discrepancies that can lead to heated debates. Because the information tends to be published by Teachers or Groups it is usually presented as the Truth and the only Truth.

We hope, in this article, to be able to present a “Big Picture” to explain the anomalies, and to embrace the different points of view.

Let us imagine people living in an extremely tall skyscraper, say in New York. Those living on the ground floor would be acutely aware of the hustle and bustle of the street. They would perceive constantly changing shapes and colours accompanied by a myriad of sounds. it would be possible to read signs and hear individual conversations.

A person living many floors up would have a completely different perspective. They would see much further and have a sense of the street network. The movement of cars and people would be less pronounced and the sounds would generally merge into a continuous background that was only punctuated occasionally by specific noises such as car horns.

If we now move to the highest floor, the observer would be able to see the city in relation to the Atlantic Ocean, the Hudson river and the distant hills. Looking down, there would be very little apparent changes and the sounds would also be subtle. However, planes and high flying birds together with clouds and their shadows would now catch our attention.

We are told that every Realm or Dimension of the Creation is populated by a myriad of Intelligent Beings. Each Being has its own dominion and remit. A small number communicate with people on this Planet and impart insights and Knowledge. The Meditation group that we represent is inspired by such a Collective; we refer to Them as the Spiritual Hierarchy. They have a particular Mission, to connect as many people as possible with the Spiritual Light and Sound and promote Spontaneous Awakenings. They have explained, on many occasions, that we are not the only group with this task.

What we need to also understand is that other Intelligences have Their own agendas. This might involve, for example, working with subtle Energies to help heal our Planet or communicating with physical beings in other Star systems or Galaxies. Each of the Intelligences has Their own perspective and conveys Their input accordingly. Because people will be receiving Messages from different Sources, this will inevitably lead to a degree of confusion. It is never a question of who is right and who is wrong; it is just a case of recognising that there will be different perspectives, as in the analogy of the skyscraper.

If we seek Wisdom then we should be open to all the Teachings that we come across. At the same time we should consider the information carefully and see if it can be intelligently incorporated into our current understanding. We should be aware that it is a human trait to embellish and even fabricate. This is often as a result of being over enthusiastic or having strong beliefs. Therefore, we should weigh everything that is presented to us very carefully, but remain flexible and be prepared to change our views, if necessary.

This is the Lords of Light:

There are many Beings in the Higher Realms, all with Their different remits, working on Their own or as a Collective.

As you would imagine, there are a multitude of tasks to consider when in Our position.

When looking at the Earth and all its diversity, you cannot give everyone the same teachings. Think of all the different religions in the World today, with each religion split into different beliefs too.

The idea of taking a human body is to somehow, while you are still alive, find your way back to the Source (God). How you do this depends very much on where you live, how you are brought up, your beliefs and so on. People will be attracted to different types of teaching.

Once someone has been Initiated into the Light and Sound they are then able to follow their own Truth back to the Source. They are able to experience Love, Peace and Stillness beyond anything they have ever dreamt of. But not everyone will want this; they will consider meditation perhaps as being boring or weird. A person who meditates can, and does, still have fun in the World. The difference is that they have an anchor when things get tough. They are also able to see life from a different perspective and become more wise.

Our job in the Higher Realms is to try to help people reach their highest potential whilst in human form. How we do that is to give out different teachings in the hope that people will achieve this.

The basic purpose of any life is to Love and to Learn. The “Richness” of a person’s life truly depends on understanding fully the reason for this.

It is also interesting to note that when a person starts to Meditate on the Light and Sound Energies they become aware of many shapes and colours. What is seen is often accompanied by movement and changes. The Sound will generally demonstrate a multitude of complex frequencies. However, as they progress along the Path the Meditations become simpler. The colours tend to become simply White or Golden White and the Sounds higher in frequency and more uniform.

Finally, on attaining Enlightenment the Meditator has to Transcend both the Light and Sound and dissolve totally into the Oneness!

7th September 2021

From the Lords of Light:
A few years ago We asked a number of Light and Sound Meditation groups to work towards Initiating 75,000 people, collectively. This was the number needed to reach what might be called a Spiritual Revolution!

Imagine that each of those Initiated people was a shining light.

It doesn’t sound a lot, considering the Earth’s population is nearing 8 billion; but those beautiful lights from Initiated people were enough to guide others into discovering a Higher meaning to their lives.

Since the number was reached, thousands of people are having Spiritual Awakenings all over the World. The knock on effect has been that more people are accepting the existence of other Realms or Dimensions and the need to explore these Regions.

Children and young adults particularly are having a deeper understanding of the World around them and are questioning long held beliefs and dogmas.

In other words, people of all ages are breaking free from the fear of being able to speak out about how their Spiritual Awakening has changed their perception of life and death. Maybe they understand more of the nature of Existence and their role in it.

Because so many people are tuning in to Spiritual Energies collectively, their ability to hear the Sound Current and see Spiritual Light is greatly enhanced. People meditating well and with purpose will have far deeper meditation Experiences, which will, in turn, bring down Knowledge which filters into people’s Consciousness.

So, to sum up, there are many people all round the World who now practice Meditation. To those people who are oppressed, who feel that their freedom has been taken away, then Meditate to find the Freedom inside and the Joy and Peace that it will bring.

Find the ultimate Love inside yourselves and show it to your family, friends and neighbours every day.

It is only Love that can truly Heal.

It is only Love that can bring true Peace.

The Eternal Love that is in everyone is starting to Shine through.


11th August 2021

A Song for Bangladesh

Our primary Mission, as a group, has always been to introduce people to the Light and Sound and then to support them on their Spiritual Journey. Additionally, we have been given projects to investigate new Energies and to make Connections to other Planets and Intelligences.

However, there is much we can do to help the people around us that are suffering due to war, disease and poverty. I want to share the work of a number of Initiates that were part of a project to privide aid for the Street Children of Bangladesh. They were part of an International team of musicians who collaborated in producing a beautiful song commemorating 50 years since the concert organised by George Harrison in 1971.

If you wish to see the YouTube video click below:

19th July 2021

Initiations in Tanzania

We just finished our Meditation retreat here in Tanzania which was very very powerful. We had a Group of 24 people in which 14 were aspirants and they were all initiated and 10 of them they were initiates came to meditate as a collective group.

The love and light energy were sent into the planet through REM KAA SOO mantra and we witness so much power and Spiritual energy impossible to imagine.

Some people went straight to second Initiation and some initiates became enlightened.

The codes of lights (the points of powers of Grace and healing to people and the planet – mostly the diamond light codes) were descending as the portal was opened by the Spiritual Hierarchy.

We really live at a wonderful time.
Love and light

A number of our Meditators report that they receive Messages from Higher Intelligences. We therefore felt it was a good idea to ask the Spiritual Hierarchy for Their Guidance.

27th May 2021

This is the Lords of Light

The reasons for receiving the Gift of Communication from a Higher Source are many and varied. All the time there are Cosmological, Planetary and Humankind Messages that need to be relayed.

We thank all those who allow themselves to be used in this way as their lives (if they are performing the task with purpose and intent) are always compromised in some way.

The people who do this work usually are aware that they were born to be of service using this Special Gift. There will always be a use for the “Bringers of Messages” which will become apparent when the person feels confident to perform the task.

As with most things, practice makes perfect. The biggest attributes that the person should bring are humility and neutrality.

Notice They mention a Higher Source which may or may not refer to the Hierarchy that guides our particular Path. It has been explained to us that the Spiritual Realms are populated by innumerable Beings of which the Hierarchy are just a tiny group. Their Mission is to guide mankind Spiritually and to oversee the Ascension of Planet Earth.

They have also explained that Transmissions from Them will always be simple and consistent. However, Messages from other Beings should not be disregarded as all have a part to play in the Great Cosmic Dance!

Often the information is simply to guide the receiver. However, it may be intended to be shared with others. We therefore suggest you find a medium to facilitate this such as a website or through social media.

20th May 2021

We are understanding that people are struggling at the moment, more than normal. This is because of the great upheaval affecting your Planet. People are unsure of what is/will happen to them.

Of course, this is all necessary to make the big changes needed with regard to materialism and self worth. God is no longer a priority in people’s lives and because they have turned away from “Him” everything has become more intensified.

May We gently remind people who are Initiated that, if at all possible, not to neglect their Meditation which will be a source of solace to them if practiced with a pure heart and mind. In fact, in times of stress and upset, this is the time to Meditate more, not less!

Many people are having Awakenings in a broad sense and they will continue to do so. The World and Spirituality is changing – please embrace these changes, otherwise your lives will become more difficult. Please don’t hold on to the past, that is the problem with most people these days – embrace the future.

Trust that things will get better. Please don’t judge others for their beliefs and actions, they have their reasons.

More than ever we need Love to dominate every action. Put your trust in God and all will be well.


22nd April 2021

Remote Initiations

As the Path of Light and Sound expands all over the World it is inevitable that there will be changes.

We have already seen the need for 3 Initiations being replaced by one. When Covid arrived last year we were given the ability to Initiate Remotely.

As we begin to return to a new normal the Spiritual Hierarchy are suggesting that rather than using physical “Touch”…

Remote Initiations are a far easier solution and will be the way forward, with less formal Initiations taking place.

Obviously when people are local the original system can still be adopted. But when people live at a distance even within the same city the new method should be used.

The large majority of people who contact us now, through the websites, have already had some form of Awakening. Many are already aware of the Light and the Sound. It seems that the Spiritual Path, that we teach, will one day merge with people simply having Spontaneous Awakenings!

The Andromeda Project

Many of you will remember the Diamond Light Project which involved Meditators making Energetic connections to various objects in the Cosmos.

We have now completed another similar project which concentrated on 5 targets in the Andromeda Galaxy. If you wish to read the report it is appended to the Diamond Light Project.

The Diamond Light Project


6th February 2021

Awakening and the Spiritual Path

We are told that there was a time, thousands of years ago, when Man had to find Spirituality by himself. This was usually achieved by withdrawing from society and finding a cave or desert and then to spend decades meditating.

Later it was considered necessary for more people to attain Spiritual States, which is why the Path of Light and Sound was created by the intelligence we refer to as the Spiritual Hierarchy.

The system involved Masters who had direct contact with the Hierarchy. They would attract disciples and a few, if they proved worthy, might be Initiated. In the early days it was rare that any, apart from the Master, would attain Enlightenment.

A wonderful example of this is Guru Nanak (1469 – 1539) who is the Father of Sikhism which gave rise to Meditation groups such as Sat Mat.

Fast forward to the 20th century and we find many Masters and Meditation Paths that claimed to lead to Enlightenment. Sadly, many became corrupted by money, ego and the desire for power.

This led to groups like ours being given the opportunity to pass on the Light and Sound without a Master or leader. We have also been able to function perfectly well without the need to charge money or acquire buildings. In a sense we have been an experiment and according to the Spiritual Hierarchy a very successful one!

However, a massive change has taken place as a result of us achieving our target of 75,000 Initiates last year (2020). Large numbers of people around the World are now Waking Up and having amazing Spiritual Realizations. Some are also aware of the Light and Sound Energies.

Most of them are simply accepting what has happened to them but others are curious and start looking on the internet for answers. Sometimes they will simply want reassurance but many want to experience more, and possibly attain Enlightenment.

In the last year or so, the majority of enquiries we get through the websites are from people who have had some form of Awakening. What we have noticed is that when we Initiate them they may not perceive the classic Landmarks that our original members did.

It has been explained to us that they are joining the Path along the Way and not at the beginning. So they will naturally make Realizations without necessarily being aware of, for example, the 1000 petalled lotus. This does not detract in any way from the depth and magnitude of their Realizations – what is important is the Meditator’s State of Consciousness.

In the future it is possible that the majority of people having Spiritual Awakenings will be able to complete their Paths without the need for Initiation. However, we are at a transitional stage where we are most definitely needed to ensure the success of the Ascension process.

People who are Awakened or have an Awakening are mostly not interested in taking things further. You will only get a tiny percentage of people contacting you.

As things progress however, in the Ascension progress, people will start sharing their Experiences more and not be so afraid of sounding weird.


29th January 2021

From the Lords of Light:
When you are trying to come to terms with any tragedy or misfortune, the way to overcome it is to forgive, accept and try if you can to see what is happening from a wider perspective…..easier said than done!

When you truly understand and accept that everything happens for a reason, then you can begin to realize the true nature of existence.

Big events – like the one happening right now, only come when humanity needs to learn very specific things.

We have outlined before how people need to become more loving and giving, less materialistic and selfish. It’s a big shift and it has taken a catastrophe to bring the World to its senses.

We are happy to say that things are now moving in a positive direction. When people are able to see each other again and move around freely, they will act differently and be more ready to accept Spirituality into their lives.

There will always be those who yearn for power and making money.

What the last year or so has done is to try to bring positive changes and to show people that life can be lived more simply; to have gratitude for what they already have without wanting more.

Find happiness in the love and service to others.


26th December 2020

2020 – The Big Picture


The cycles of Nature are relentless in their Energetic impulses of creation and destruction. This year has been particularly extreme, with everybody having to come to terms with the Coronavirus. For many it has been both socially and financially challenging and in some cases devastating due to illness and personal loss.

However, simultaneously there has been an unprecedented growth in Spiritual awareness with vast numbers of people having Spontaneous Awakenings.

A few years ago we received a challenge from the Intelligence we refer to as the Spiritual Hierarchy.

4th May 2016

With your help we need to amass 75,000 people to be Initiated. With all that Spiritual Energy we can change the Consciousness of the World.

Four years later we received this Message:

3rd July 2020

We are pleased to tell you that the numbers of Initiated people has far surpassed the target set.

This was due to the unwavering dedication and efforts of our many Teachers and other Light Workers around the World. Having achieved this total, we understand it has brought about the necessary shift to tip the balance away from the material, towards Spirit. The consequence of which is that large numbers of people around the World are now experiencing the Awe and Wonder of the high Spiritual Realms.

In some countries surveys reveal that around half of the population have had a mystical or religious experience. Increasingly, many people now consider themselves as Spiritual rather than affiliated to a particular religion.

Most of the correspondence we receive these days reflects this. People seeking Meditation guidance have usually already become aware of the Light and Sound Energies to some degree. In most cases this has simply just appeared quite naturally!

Large numbers of people have been connected with the Light and Sound this year with many benefitting from the new method of Remote Initiation. This has allowed us to reach out to people in new countries and distant locations.

Prior to starting this new Path (2015) we received information about our place in the physical universe and important Energetic links between our Planet and other Cosmological objects, most of which are distant Galaxies.

This project was named “Diamond Light” and culminated this year in a number of Meditators “travelling” to various targets in Space to bring about critical connections. We understand this was a crucial part of the process of balancing and harmonizing the Earth and its inhabitants.

Amazing things have now been achieved, and it is so important that we keep the momentum going. Everybody that is Meditating on the Light and Sound Energies can play their part. We ask that you send Love and Light to the Planet each day and simply reach out and help your fellow man.

So many people today are looking for Answers: These lie not in information but in Revelation.

For some they will appear in Meditation, but for the vast majority they will appear Spontaneously. Our job is to simply be there and support all Seekers by freely offering advice and reassurance.

Something very beautiful is happening on this Planet and we have all been Blessed to witness it – and play our part.

We would like to thank the Spiritual Hierarchy for all Their Love, Guidance and Compassion throughout this incredible year.

16th December 2020

This is the Lords of Light.

It is always good to look at the Big Picture, as it makes things so much easier to understand.

Patterns of Behaviour

We would like to talk about this, as all living things have ways in which they operate. But humans are able to change their patterns, i.e. the way they think, feel and behave. They can make choices rather than operate instinctively. Because of this, they do not go along with the herd necessarily, but move in different directions.

Therefore, when presented with a Spiritual Quest, humans have the capacity to make decisions based on their beliefs and lifestyle. When someone is leading an Earthly life and things are tough for them, they understandably would like to change it, to get out of the situation they are in.

But that is not the answer! It’s all about acceptance – accepting who you are and the life you are leading. It’s all there to teach you what you need to learn. When you have learnt that particular lesson, things will change.

Although it may be hard to understand, especially as things are at the moment, there are many Beings (Souls) who wish to incarnate on Earth because, from the Heaven World We see things from a very different perspective.

The time spent on Earth is a Gift to be used wisely and with gratitude.


19th November 2020

This is the Lords of Light

The interest in Media coverage has never been higher. People generally have more time to look at stories and information which are really affecting their freedom and the way they live. It’s like a magnet – it draws people in. This is a massively difficult time for many people everywhere. They are scared for the future.

The difficulties arise when they become obsessive and too much time is spent on trawling through the never ending information.

This has to stop. We need to tell you that there will be more and more stories and articles forthcoming, to do with World Leaders, Politics, Religions and Health. But you don’t need to be concerned, because, like always, things find their own equilibrium.

The greatest gift you can give the World now is to be fully present in your Meditation and if possible increase the time that you Meditate.
Just immerse yourselves in the Energy we are sending and become still and quiet. This will bring peace to troubled minds and more understanding to the Soul.


5th October 2020

This is the Lords of Light.
We have come to talk to you about how to live in a World of turmoil, where nothing makes sense anymore.

The first thing to always remember is that people have the ability to discriminate – to work out for themselves the reasons behind the general state of the World right now. Always look to the Big Picture and see that life on Earth has always had its challenges.

We have mentioned before that the purpose of life is to love and to learn, what better platform to do this!

When faced with challenges, always try too look inwards to find answers. The best way to do this, is of course, to Meditate. Try to sit down with a “blank canvas” – don’t bring any conceived ideas into your Meditation.

Ask heartfelt questions and you will receive answers that make sense to you. Maybe not straight away but in time you may find ideas filtering into your consciousness.

The Love that you will find in your Meditation will give you solace through any situation. The continued practice may take you to the Ultimate Goal of Man – the Source of Creation, the Ultimate Answer!


15th September 2020

We are excited to announce the completion of the Diamond Light Project. Please find the final section below which contains fascinating Testimonials from Meditators who connected with their Targets. If you want to read the whole article simply click on the link:

Diamond Light Project


30th June 2020

Back in 2016 each member of the Diamond Light group chose an object to focus on; mine was the Andromeda Galaxy. After receiving the information about the use of a special Mantra, I incorporated it into my Meditation session late last night. I then went to bed and was just falling asleep when……

I was projected through Space and was looking down on the Andromeda Galaxy. Photographs show the Galaxy tilted when seen from Earth. However, I was seeing it face on and the detail was simply breathtaking. The incredible blackness of Space was totally devoid of any Light and the stars appeared mostly as a beautiful golden white colour. I estimate that I was viewing from a distance of around 300,000 Light years and unlike telescopic views there were no stars from our own Galaxy present.

Energies then began to flow through me and connected to several of the Star Systems within the Galaxy. This was happening automatically; I had absolutely no control of what was taking place. I then returned a second time and the process repeated.

When we were originally given the project the Hierarchy explained that there was an important connection between our Solar System and the Andromeda Galaxy. I believe that Andromeda represents the table (top face) of the Diamond which is surrounded by the other 32 points.

It looks like we have made a start and can expect connections to take place with the other objects.


21st July 2020

Upon using a new Mantra I have notice the following:

  • The Mantra brings about Transformation on a cosmic scale
  • The Mantra changed to another set of New syllables depending on the target I was focusing on.
  • There are living beings on the planets I visited. Though these beings don’t necessarily look like human beings,they operate in different frequencies of reality.
  • I visited the RZ Cassiopeiae Eclipse Binary

I was taken into a dark deep space and something like a door opened from a planet. There was a type of blue light coming towards me together with Intelligent entities. They were formed in brown star dust and appeared as energetic beings that were staring amazingly at me. They tried to send a certain type of energy towards me.

Then Energy started flowing passing through me and entering the Planet and it seemed to be the Transformation that was needed as the beings were bowing down to the Energy shooting from where I was witnessing.


21st July 2020

My Experience with the Mantra, especially in reverse, was the same as (R) described; It also changed itself into different variations.

I also visited my target which was is deep space; here are my observations:

After finishing my Meditation on the Mantra in the middle of the night I decided to rest on my pillow, there was a rush of Energy and lightning everywhere in my vision. I lost the awareness of my surroundings and of my body and with the fastest speed, impossible to imagine, I was taken or shot like a rocket into space. I found myself suddenly in deep planetary space where I could see more than one Planet below me.

The vision was as if I was looking into the houses which are built in the space with many chambers within them. Then I understood the concept of connected universes for the first time.

I entered into these several planets from above as they were opening and there was light Energy passing through me and shooting in all of the chambers I was witnessing.

There were also several beings occupying the planets but they could not see me as my presence was like a big Sun covering the whole space from above while emitting Rays of Light that entered into their areas.

The scenario went for some time however in this reality the concept of time seemed strange because it does not exist or exist in a very different fashion. Then off I went back to the physical plane. This is not the same as normal astral traveling. It is very different as I just appeared at my destination without knowledge of my journey.

When I tried to visit two other targets which were the Open Cluster NGC 1342 and Chi Hercules it was as if I had already visited them. I became aware of a code barrier/signal indicating that it’s already done. The code was detected as an energy on my solar plexus chakra.


5th September 2020

As I mentioned before, there are several groups doing this project and actually, it has been done now to Our satisfaction.

That is not to say that people in your group won’t be guided to these points anymore, just that each of the 33 points has been activated. What a tremendous achievement that has had a big impact.

Thank you all for taking part in something far reaching and vital for a myriad of reasons. Notably, one being for the continuation of life as you know it on Earth.

7th September 2020


During the past five years we have observed thousands of people around the World become Initiated into the Light and Sound.

Traditionally, the Journey to Enlightenment was extremely difficult and required the Seeker to adopt an austere lifestyle; most would fail to reach their Goal. These days the Path has been made available to the masses and the large majority of Initiates have found the Journey straightforward, providing of course that they establish a regular Meditation practice.

However, a few have struggled to make progress and have wondered why! There are some obvious answers to this question and some that are not!

As stated above, a person needs to learn how to Meditate; that is not the same as sitting on a cushion. It requires devotion, practice, perseverance and the ability to simply let go. People who are too ambitious for Spiritual States or want to remain in control will also struggle.

The reasons that are less obvious may involve past lives: If a person has previously been Initiated they will find it much easier to Meditate in this lifetime. People who have been in other groups might find it difficult to accept the Teachings of the Spiritual Hierarchy and alignment with the New Lightwave. It could also depend on Karma, which we are told is virtually impossible for us to comprehend fully. However, there is another factor, perhaps the most important, that is easy to overlook.

This is the Lords of Light.
The question you have asked begins and ends with GRACE: to be “smiled” down on by a Presence or Force greater than yourselves.

There is no deserving of Spiritual States, at least in the way the word is understood by humankind.

It isn’t about Desire either, in fact that can get in the way.
So we are left with:

No Desire
No Action
No Striving
Just Being – ready for whatever comes!

Do remember that if you are struggling, you are not alone. Ask for help from the Spiritual Hierarchy and also your mentors, who are always ready to give you advice.