Rate of Progression


In the past it would take a lifetime of commitment to make real Spiritual progress. It would also require withdrawing from society and living a very pure ascetic existence.

These days we understand that Spiritual Energy on the Planet is at an unprecedented high level which is enabling people to make incredible Expansions of Consciousness.

Some occur through the pursuit of traditional Meditation Paths, usually involving inner Light and Sound. However, the large majority of people are experiencing Spontaneous Awakenings, many of whom have never practiced any form of meditation.

It was pointed out a few years ago, that it might be difficult for people to progress at such a rate, as they would need time to adjust to their new expanded States. We considered this a valid point as traditionally Meditators would take decades to achieve the same States of Consciousness that people were attaining in a matter of months, sometimes weeks!

We received an answer to this question from the Intelligence we refer to as the Spiritual Hierarchy. They explained that when people were Meditating or in a quiet contemplative state they might become aware of a “Presence.”

This “Presence” would be experienced as Loving and Caring and would appear generally around the head. It would feel like a gentle auric massage and might give rise to a tingling sensation. Sometimes it would be felt as if a “Hand” were gently cradling the forehead.

Everybody that has reported this has said that it was a very beautiful experience and felt a Loving connection with the Energies. We were told that during these occasions the Energies would be working to align the lower vehicles to bring about harmony and balance.

This article is being written in the middle of the Coronavirus outbreak and yet, simultaneously, more people than ever before are experiencing Spiritual Energies and Spontaneously Awakenings!