Testimonial (M.M.)

I have meditated for many years and practice yoga every day as I am a yoga teacher.
I have also left my body and travelled into consciousness (well that’s what I am calling it) where there was literally nothing but light and pure peace. No edges or shapes it’s really hard to explain. However I am not sure what this really is I have no guidance or any one who is teaching me.
I just know that this is what I am on a soul level. A part of it all but I couldn’t maintain being there for long so I feel like I just scratched the surface.

I hear frequency sounds every so often and I name them downloads as again I am clueless to what It is. At one stage I was hearing music (I call it music but it’s not anything I have heard before) it was what I can only describe as angelic sounds however I could hear them in my mind so clear but was aware I wasn’t hearing through my ears. I know that sounds strange but again it’s the only way I can describe it.

Recently I was meditating and was hit with this flood of light at warp speed as though I was going through space down a worm hole or something and then this high pitched sound and I could not move. It was quite scary but then just pure peace as I let go. I say let go but I didn’t have a choice really. It wasn’t my decision, I just knew I had to ride the wave.

My questions are, what’s going on? What is the purpose of this ? And what do I do with it? Also is there anyone in the UK that I can work with or be guided by?

I came across your website as I typed in light and sound meditation, it mentions something about initiating and guidance and a lot of what I read resonated. It’s like I found the words for the first time.