Are both Enlightenments the same?


On this website we have looked at two ways of travelling the Spiritual Path.

The first is by a person being open and allowing the Energies to expand their Consciousness, spontaneously.

The second is through the traditional method of Light and Sound Meditation. This requires an Initiation by someone who has already completed their Journey and attained Enlightenment (sometimes referred to as an Adept).

Both methods culminate in Enlightenment. We felt it was necessary to ask the Spiritual Hierarchy if there was any difference. This was Their reply:

25th September 2019

This is the Lords of Light in answer to your question.
Those who don’t take the Meditation Journey of Light and Sound will still be Enlightened but most will need the “Touch” of an Adept to truly recognise their State. As the numbers get bigger it will get harder to do this. These people will ideally need guidance. Maybe by the time that happens then there will be enough Adepts and support mechanism to do this.