This Changes Everything!

We asked the question, “How can we help people who are thousands of kilometres from our Meditation Teachers?”
1st August 2019

This is from the Lords of Light, in answer to your heartfelt question.

We in the Spiritual Realms are watching all the time and nothing goes unnoticed, as we said before.

From the beginning of the dawn of when Man first searched for his Maker, it has been an inner Soul searching, with a pure intent. (often preceded by inner turmoil of a life of pain, physical or otherwise)

That inner search, eventually, spontaneously showed the Seeker of Truth his Source – the Oneness of all Things. This was very rare.

As time went on, things changed and the Initiation process began – to get things moving Spiritually – to guide people by “showing them the Light” and guiding them through the Journey, which is where we are now.

In the future, We would like to see people as they evolve to Higher Beings, as the Ascension takes hold, go back to the Inner Seeking themselves, but with far more Inner understanding of what “Spirit” is and their place as a Human Being. (to be far more evolved before they start Seeking) It will be a form of Gnosis which permeates their Soul.

There are those who do this already and we are hoping that as the Light travels around through the darkness of matter, then more and more Souls will get “taken” by this Energy spontaneously as before. But the difference is, it will be common not rare.

We are keeping this simple – it is actually far more complicated.

This is an amazing Transmission as it shows us clearly how our Mission will unfold in the near future. Our role will be twofold, firstly continuing to help people have access to the Light and Sound Energies and secondly providing advice and support for those who will be able to Spontaneously attain Enlightenment.