Testimonial (E.C.)

Since I was very little I always felt that there was something else and I was sure that at some point I would understand it better. One day I was watching TV and a person came out talking about Kabbalah, I didn’t listen much but something told me to look for something close to this.

I went to a Kabbalah center and bought a book, the first one that caught my attention without knowing what it was about. A short time later life began to put people in my way that I did not know and they always gave me the same message, that my mission was the service of the Soul and that I was a Being of Light.

I started to remember and connect with the information I had been receiving, everything just flowed very well, I met a teacher who was a great guide along the way. I started to meditate (I never had) and a year later I gave myself to BEING.

A short time later I was driving to work when everything happened. I could understand what we really are, while looking around me I saw how I was everything and at the same time nothing, how everything was located in a space within my heart, I saw how the reality we see was transformed and how EVERYTHING was connected, we are One.

It was beautiful, so simple and at the same time immense. For many days I was in a state of tears and laughter. A Love that I had never known invaded me. I had always had lucid dreams, but now I had access to other Dimensions, memories of past lives, and several nights I felt like an Energy of a very high frequency was integrated into me, normally this happened at night and I just stayed in bed while it happened.

It has been months of integration with new Energies, which when being integrated have also done as a type of cleaning in me, in my emotions etc. Although since this happened the perspective of life and reality changed forever. It is a roller coaster in which I would ride again without thinking.