Testimonial (M.Z.)


A vivid experience of Time and Space
Some years ago I was deeply involved in Past Life Regressions and Out of Body Experiences (or what some call Astral Travelling).

Anyway after several years of research and practise I was getting pretty familiar with other realms or dimensions and the ability to travel to all sorts of places and meet various entities. Communication was always telepathic and mostly positive and enlightening.

Well on one of my adventures my focus of attention gravitated to a small insignificant spot in the far reaches of the cosmos. I moved towards it with interest but had no idea what it was and why my attention went there. As I approached the spot, it was really tiny in relation to the vast realm I was located in, I squeezed into the minute entrance point and went down the proverbial rabbit hole.

When I got inside an amazing thing happened, instead of being confined to a very small area I was in another vast complete universe with galaxies, stars and planets virtually the same as our physical universe and the most remarkable thing was the distances in this universe were of the same order of magnitude as ours ie thousands of light years across and it had its own system of time as measured by the movement of heavenly bodies in that space.

I was dumbfounded but at the same time excited by this personal direct experience and the fact I could experience this other universe . Certainly there is an abundance of mystery in the universe but for me this experience gave me the certainty that we as consciousness are beyond time and space.