Testimonial (P.B.)


On a warm June day in 1972 I had a temporary but very deep realization of the existence of God. It was an extremely profound experience, which I still remember vividly to this day.
It occurred gradually over a period of a few hours in the early afternoon, for the first time in my life, I was free, I was free, I was free…

All around me, the rigid formed world as I knew it became more fluid, liquid like. The trees and grass seemed alive and breathing, a butterfly landed by me on a dandelion, I was in love with this vision of paradise.

I had telescopic vision, I could see every pebble on the beach I was walking on, it seemed that I could see for miles. Oh but grown up people, almost everywhere were sadly “dead” like robots, soulless, and for me who likes people, a depressing scene to behold, people in this way, very saddening, but the children were very much alive and aware!

I also realized in a way that I can’t explain, that the only thing that existed was ME, not my persona, but everything everywhere was me or should I say “I”, but felt so desperately alone, but also felt incredibly so much love, oceans and oceans of love for all life without discrimination in the negative sense.

I saw GOD, everywhere, in a young child’s eyes, GOD poured through them, a connection I could never have imagined in a million years, it was GOD’S love I saw radiating from heaven into a slumbering world.

The birdsong said, “yes”, they sang ‘life is joyful, no matter what’, I cried with gratitude from deep within to my dear creator for existing, thank you, thank you for being here, now I knew that GOD was forever here with us and that the ONLY purpose to life was “to love”, something I need to be reminded of frequently.

In the words of The Beatles, “Let It Be”