Testimonial (S.M.)


The longest and most impactful experience I’ve had so far that I would consider an awakening would be the Time I was sitting at a bus stop on a main road after school to go home. At the time I was dealing with and learning from heavy emotions, however at some point I decided that I would no longer keep punishing myself, with that realisation I let go of the past and accepted my place in the present.

As I approached the bus stop and sat down I was thinking along the lines of feeling and discovering the true self, (as a book I was reading at the time discussed knowing who we truly are instead of simply/only the part we are playing). Not long after I took a couple of deep breaths and focussed my attention inwards. After a small amount of time I felt a light and pleasant tingling throughout my body.

My mind was completely clear and the world felt like it slowed down. I could see myself in others and others in myself as well as feeling myself merge with the surroundings (but not in a hugely profound way). After going deeper into this state I could clearly see who (S) was and that this life situation/my family and everything that’s happened did not make me who I am on the deepest level, instead however I’ve been watching without a word all along.

I could see the characters each person was acting out and instead knew of their silent radiance underneath it all as an all knowing intelligence. This lasted for roughly 30 to 40 minutes. However after a while I returned to normal consciousness and my default stage of consciousness is still not too advanced.

Usually experiences similar to this happen if I merge myself into the present and feel connected to my inner self through meditation.