Testimonial (P.D.)

Message: I am responding to your ‘Spiritual Sounds’ article. Firstly, I must say that I stumbled upon your website today.

As you will note, today is December 24th, the day before Christmas and I have found myself completely removed from the hoopla that is now fictionally created by this world. But, mesmerized and captivated by this ‘Enlightened’ experience or State of Being that I Am in.

I had an Enlightenment experience about 3 months ago when the ‘True Self, God-Self?, True Nature of my being clearly revealed Itself, within me as the Only True Spirit or Source that IS.

It was revealed: that All is God/Source, there is nothing else. All is One. Everything is Connected. This is a Field of Intelligence. And this is like, Gods play, all in the Mind of God. And human beings are asleep in this play. As they do not Know who they Truly are, They are lost in their ego roles.

This was clearly and profoundly shared, shown to me, as an Awakening experience. To Awaken to my True Self?

I place question marks as, I am not led, practicing or even know any Gurus or Masters. I’m just a “regular” person in this world that God/Source/Supreme Light chose to Awaken to Truth.

I am humbled. There something Great. Massive. Beyond all understanding that is going on!

I have heard and do hear Sounds reverberating in my ears. Sometimes, sounding almost like, whirling around cyclic, almost like spacecraft sounds!

I must admit, at first when this happened after my Enlightenment experience, I thought, “Oh wow, is something coming to get me or pick me up from the Universe!”

It was/is, like an outside sound of movement, whirling but within my ears. Sometimes one ear, sometimes both. Not always, not everyday, just, when It wants to!

So after I read your article, it helped me to realize I’m not going crazy.
I have also had an out of body experience.

This has been and is a humbling, surreal, mesmerizing, amazing experience!