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Awakening Spontaneously

Some people can Awaken spontaneously without consciously pursuing it. Awakening is an intense experience which may drastically change your worldview and your sense of self, and Awakening spontaneously may come as quite a shock. If you and/or your environment is unaware of what Awakening (or Spirituality) is, this process may be especially challenging. Please know that you can trust yourself. If you recognize the experiences and sensations listed below, know that you are not alone. If you would like to share your story with people who have Awakened and have attained Enlightenment, know that we are here to help. You can find the contact form here (please know that what we do is entirely voluntary, and free of any charge or obligation).

Experiencing a Spontaneous Awakening:


Increase in energy levels

You may find yourself more energized, or ‘charged’ during Awakening. This can manifest itself in both a feeling of profound joy, as well as ‘feeling wired’ or over excited.

Craving meaningfulness

Perhaps you feel strongly inclined to go to certain places, find a new activity or start a new project for ‘the greater good’. You may sense a lack of ‘depth’ or meaningfulness in your current day-to-day life and with that, the need for change.

Sensing a ‘Deeper meaning’

Certain normal things (activities, objects, people, etc.) may suddenly appear to have a profound meaning to them. You may experience ‘synchronicities’. These are simultaneous occurrences of events which appear significantly related but seem to have no causal connection. This can feel like ‘The Universe’ is trying to tell you something or communicate with you.

The dissolving of ego

You may experience a natural closeness, and openness to others. You may even experience a deep feeling of connection with others you’ve just met. It may feel like the boundaries between the ‘internal you’ and ‘outside of you’ are starting to become more blurry. Possibly, you feel that you ‘are’ others, and others ‘are’ you. This may manifest itself in the experience of sensing other’s thoughts, emotions etc., as well as the sensation of other people being able to sense yours. This can be very challenging. Please know that this is a natural part of the process.

Overcoming duality

Just as the difference between ‘you’ and ‘not you’ is dissolving, other forms of duality disappear. For example, ‘Good or bad’ or ‘life or death’ are now two sides of the same coin – different aspects of the same thing. Duality itself now appears as profoundly ironic. You may experience a process of ‘dying’ or ‘self-sacrifice’ which comes with the overcoming of duality. These feelings may be especially challenging. Please know that this is a part of you which is ending – A symbolic death. This is a natural part of the process.

Complete Oneness

This is an intensely profound sensation. Everything in existence is you, and you are everything in existence. There simply is no difference. This may appear as a sensation of all particles in the Universe being at the perfect place at the perfect time – you are simultaneously one of these particles, as well as none of them, all of them, and more than them – and it’s perfect. This is full Awakening.
Please know that Awakening can be very challenging. The sensations and experiences you may have, may drastically change the way you view the world, others and yourself. Awakening spontaneously may be especially challenging if you and/or your environment is unaware of what Awakening (or Spirituality) is. You can trust yourself, and you can trust the process – You are not alone. We are here to listen and we can offer guidance if you wish.

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