Testimonial (T.R.)


So, based on what I read on the web pages, I plunged into meditation on the inner sound today. I have decided to give it the time it appears to require–this means going from my usual 20-30 minute meditation periods to much longer periods.

It is much easier for me to hear the unstruck sound than to “see” inner light in the area of the third eye. So I set about meditation on the inner sound. It has been with me since I was in my teens–this is decades later. it has always been with me and it seems to come very strongly now even when I am working, it will burst into a moment, very strong, intense, usually on the right side.

Today after a reasonably long period of contemplation of the inner sound I saw green grass, even smelled it. It was an eye level view of green grass. I also thought I saw the energy flow in my spine. The idea on your web pages that the sound will be the teacher was helpful to me. I just tried to be open too whatever I saw.

My initial problem is recalling memories or seeing current problems in the 3rd eye area, of course, those images are composed of light, too.

The inner sound has always seemed to come from somewhere outside and seems not to be a physical sound. Even as I write this message, I am hearing it ringing, upwards and to the right. It seems to ring even down to my fingers.

I guess I have been looking for people to discuss the sound with. I also believe the planet is in a lot of trouble and that LOVE, ACCEPTANCE AND FORGIVENESS are beautiful lead principles.

It is interesting that your group is basically anonymous versus the other teachers of these techniques on the internet.