Testimonial (D.B.)

My initial awakening happened over several days so I am just going to summarize it for now. I tried to keep a journal but things were so intense that I was overwhelmed and some events are now blurry. I will try to write it again later for you to publish when I can access my diary and thoughts better. The following occurred in the middle of the day a few minutes after meditation. I was completely sober:

The state of “Oneness” that I experienced began with a cessation event of pure awareness. I became connected to all things and everything seemed to sparkle with a divine Love. Then I felt energy “boil” in my stomach and then begin to rise up my body which opened all the Chakras (as far as I know), then led to total euphoria and bliss with a massive amount of energy in the brain. I kept my eyes closed because I felt like I was in the divine presence and could only see a totally golden white light and nothing else. All thoughts ceased and my mind became paralyzed. I just surrendered to the ecstasy!

A few hours later, I lost my sense of self and fell into panic as reality shifted. That night, I noticed and felt the 3rd eye become activated. It resembled a big black hole but was three dimensional. This was also terrifying so I resisted, but still had a cosmic vision of flying into space and seeing a red planet.

The following days were mostly blissful and I felt totally present and overflowing with energy. The few minutes of sleep that I had involved very lucid dreams. I saw a stream of people’s faces (past lives?) like in a movie clip and shook my head so that it would stop.

I didn’t leave my house and couldn’t sleep for almost a week.

I was confronted by all my inner demons and was forced to face them. I began to forgive All. My body wanted to do various yoga poses without my consent. I finally had to call for help because I started to question my sanity. My mom and brother drove eight hours to come get me. It took over a month for the energy to settle down so I could sleep.

I haven’t shared this with many people and have tried to deal with it alone. I don’t know anyone who has experienced this but have learned that it is common.

Finally, I am at a place where I am integrating what I have experienced and learned.