Connection and Oneness

Spiritual Awakenings generally fall into three categories: Hearing high pitched frequencies, Seeing a beautiful inner Light and feeling a connection with one’s surroundings.

The first two are relatively easy to describe and Spiritual books contain many references to these experiences. However, the third category, though profound, is much harder to convey using words.

It is perhaps best to attempt a simple model to explain the Consciousness of a human being. At a basic level we are aware of thoughts, feelings and physical stimulation through our senses. This information is then interpreted by the brain and converted into what we refer to as a sense of being. It also generates the relationship we have with our surroundings.

We possess knowledge of our environment by means of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste which is then modified by our emotions and thought processes. What is fascinating is that we are all individuals and as such have a unique way of dealing with the incoming data. This means that there is no absolute reality; everything is relative to the particular observer!

Through the use of meditative techniques or a Spontaneous Awakening a person may become aware of Energies beyond the physical realms and their sense of being is no longer limited by their body. The self is not contained as before, but appears to have expanded and includes objects that are within our vision.

It is as if we have grown and now encompass a much larger body. We then encounter a paradox; we still possess a small self and yet there is now a much bigger Self. Often when we are in this State it is possible to hear the Sound Current and familiar objects seem to shine with a magical Light as if they were brand new.

This State of Being is extremely blissful and euphoric. It is often accompanied by an immense feeling of Love. This is way beyond the normal love we experience in our Earthly lives. It is absolute, Universal and totally unrequited.

People also begin to realize that in essence everything they witness is a demonstration of the same Energy which gives rise to feelings of connection and Oneness.

Having had such an experience it is usually possible to return to the State by a process of Meditation. It simply requires the Seeker to practice letting go. By that, we refer to the limits of the small self. There is often an element of fear to overcome together with an abdication of control; both of which are illusions that support the veil of separation.

As with most things it requires practice and dedication. It is generally better to choose somewhere that you find uplifting such as a tranquil area in the countryside or a large park with beautiful views. Being near a river or the sea can also help. Everybody is different so you will need to experiment. Try letting go with your eyes open and with them closed and see what works best for you. Maybe start with one and then switch to the other.

Never try to block anything, so if the Sound Current appears just let it be there. Similarly if there are sounds of traffic or aircraft, accept and include them.

After a while you will be able to expand your Consciousness in more challenging environments such as in a busy city street or on a train.

One word of warning, don’t try this when driving or in a situation that requires your full attention.

Eventually, you will find that letting go is something you can do at will. The question is then how far do you want to expand? You may wish to take this to the limit and some people are able to do this by themselves.

Alternatively you might want to seek guidance regarding special forms of Meditation referred to in this website. This will give you the potential to not only expand physically, but to reach the Higher Dimensions of Spiritual Light and Sound that ultimately culminates in Enlightenment.