Testimonial (S.S.)

I definitely wish to seek the light and sound initiation as I believe it will help me expand further so that I may help others.

I have been experiencing expansion of being with lots of energy in the crown chakra.
I’ve experienced the pinpoints of light and beautiful colorful geometric patterns with eyes closed and “hearing” tones.

I had one experience where during a semi awake state I felt as though struck by lightning and received the message “you are infinite” with a symbol which I later discovered was a rune (Berkana) of growth and rebirth.

I am retired and eager to follow this path of growth to a point where I can help all beings.
My meditations have revolved around cleansing, clearing, healing myself, others and the earth.

I live in Colorado and would love to learn more about the Sound and Light initiation as I believe both are so instrumental for expansion.